Fall backpacking trip to Mammoth Cave
to Nov 10

Fall backpacking trip to Mammoth Cave

Our annual November backpacking trip will take us to Mammoth Cave National Park!  We will Hike the Sal Hollow trail (~10 mile loop) over Saturday and Sunday morning then head to Mammoth Cave for a tour.

Parents are welcome (and encouraged) to join in!

Note that Scouts will have to have a gear/pack check-in at our November 4th meeting to ensure that they have what they need for the conditions, and that their packs are not too heavy (25-30% of body weight is the max).

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2018 Overnight at Climb Time
to Dec 8

2018 Overnight at Climb Time

We will have our annual rock climbing overnight at Climb Time of Blue Ash on Saturday Dec 7th through Sunday Dec 8th.  The event runs from 8 pm to 8 am.  Scouts can earn or complete their Climbing merit badge (sign up separately for that if interested).

WEBLOS interested in joining the Troop are also invited to attend.

Cost for climbing, pizza, and breakfast are $35 per attendee.  Merit badge is an additional $15 ($50 Total). 

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Ski Day at Perfect North
9:00 AM09:00

Ski Day at Perfect North

Scouts and Scouting Families, it's time to hit the slopes!

Our annual Ski Day is open to Scouts and their families from both Troop 114 and Pack 113.  While the weather has not been consistent thus far, the team at Perfect North are experts at making a ton of snow quickly.  We'll make the go/no go call Thursday January 24th. (If the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll look at February 10th as a backup date.) Lift tickets are good for skiing, boarding and tubing, and also include a free skiing/boarding lesson!!

Interested Scouts can work towards their snow sports merit badge as well.

Cost for a lift ticket is $39

Equipment rental is $25 (Ticket + Rental = $64)

Please sign up attendees based on Troop or Pack association, and type of ticket package.

Troop 114/Pack 113 Ski Day Sign Up Link

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8:30 AM08:30

Merit Badge Challenge

Merit Badge Challenge is available to all registered members of Scouts BSA.  This popular event improves advancement for all attending troops/crews and provides our youth the opportunity to explore vocations and new hobbies.

Each scout has the opportunity to earn up to three merit badges.  Emphasis is placed on those merit badges that lend themselves to indoor or wintertime activity such as Chemistry, Law, Computers, Communication, and Citizenship badges. 

Scouts are expected to attend all three sessions.  Feb 8, 15, and 22.  Additional details at www.danbeard.org/mbc

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Summer Camp (Camp Friedlander)
to Jul 11

Summer Camp (Camp Friedlander)

Hello Summer Camp parents!

 Scouts, Leaders & Parent Volunteers: Details and Sign-up HERE!

Troop 114’s week at Camp Friedlander is almost upon us.   Departure will be from the picnic shelter in Ault Park just below the main pavilion.  (On the left as you come up the hill.)  Meet at the shelter at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning.  We need to review forms, pack the trailer and hit the road by noon.
To make sure that everything goes smoothly, here are some last minute details that need to be taken care of:
Send your Scout with lunch:
No food is served at Camp until Sunday dinner, so send a brown bag lunch.
Download the Camp Friedlander App.  
There’s a ton of great camp info included in the app.  What to Bring, Merit Badge Information including any pre-work, camp contact information, etc.. 
Speaking of smartphones:
Our Troop’s current policy is no electronics.  Leaders will have phones if Scouts need emergency contact.  A master listing of contact information for Troop leaders and parents at camp will be provided.
Merit Badges:
Check the Friedlander App, or your pre Camp materials from Laura Deck, to ensure that any pre-requisites for specific merit badges are complete before Camp.  You can find online versions of each merit badges requirements at http://www.meritbadge.org/
For any Scouts taking regular medication:
Send you Scout’s medication in the prescription bottle in which it came. 
All medication will be kept in a locked area and administered only by uniformed adult Troop leadership.
We will return to the HPCUMC parking lot at 11:00 on Saturday the 14th.  
If you have any questions please call me at 513.293.2297
Jeff Bickel

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Peterloon 2019 at Camp Friedlander
to Oct 6

Peterloon 2019 at Camp Friedlander

For three days in October, 5,000+ Scouts will celebrate the longest running council camporee in the US! Peterloon 2019 coincides with the 100th anniversary of camping at Friedlander, and will have activities focused on the eras of Scouting that has seen.  WEBLOS I&II are welcome to join and get a taste of Scouting's Adventure!

Cost is $25 per scout to attend. Food costs will be collected separately for each patrol.

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Pot Luck Pic-Nic/Social
6:00 PM18:00

Pot Luck Pic-Nic/Social

(In the event of inclement weather, we will move to HPCUMC Welcome Center)

This is a great chance for fellowship and celebration for another great year of Scouting fun!

This is an open event for all Scouting families, especially those interested in joining the Troop or just getting to know the people in our community. Fried Chicken, Drinks & Service-ware will be provided, just sign-up and bring a dish!

Sign-up: HERE

Meet the Scoutmaster: Jeff Bickel

Webelos Families who are seeking to join a quality program, now or next Spring, are encouraged to attend. If you know of a family who might be interested, please forward!

Please feel free to contact our Karen Floyd (kfloyd4@cinci.rr.com), for additional details and information or visit us on our webpage: http://www.cincinnatitroop114.com/

Remember to bring a chair!

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Pre-camp Parent and Scout Meeting
7:00 PM19:00

Pre-camp Parent and Scout Meeting

Wondering what to bring to camp?  Have questions about how things work there?  The Prep meeting is for both parents and Scouts to get everyone ready for an awesome week at Friedlander!

This is a great opportunity to learn from experienced families on all the "Camp hacks" to help make your sons (and yours) camp experience fun and manageable. 

We will offer tips and tricks, along with useful information on what to bring and what not to bring, as well as other helpful do's and don'ts. There will be time for open discussion to answer any additional questions you or your son might have.

We hope to see you there!

Camp medical forms and permission slips available on our Resource Page here.

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Summer Camp-Swim Test
7:00 PM19:00

Summer Camp-Swim Test

We have arranged a swim test along with Troop 299 out of Blue Ash for all the Scouts attending the July 8th Summer Camp.  All Scouts participating in either of this events must pass a swim test first.  The swim test is scheduled for May 29th at 7:00pm at the Blue Ash Rec Center pool.

There are two levels of swimming ability.  The first is Beginner.  The Beginner test consists of swimming 25 feet, turning around and swimming back.  This will allow a Scout to swim in the lake at camp in a restricted area.

The second level is Swimmer.  The Swimmer test consists of swimming 75 yards using any standard stroke, and then a final 25 yards using a back stroke.  Then the Scout must demonstrate that they can float on their back for one minute.  The Swimmer has unrestricted use of the pool and the lake activities.  Achieving the BSA Beginner level meets one of the Aquatics requirements for Second Class. Achieving BSA Swimmer meets one of the requirements for Canoeing and for Swimming Merit Badge. If time permits, Mr. Ball will also work with any interested Scout on their Swimming Merit Badge during this session.

If you’re not able to attend the 7:00pm swim test at the Blue Ash Rec Center, let us know and we’ll help make arrangements for a make-up test.  

Please let us know if your scout will be attending the Rec Center swim test.

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Mega Cavern-Day Outing
6:00 AM06:00

Mega Cavern-Day Outing

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and March Madness with a  day trip to Louisville's Mega Cavern for underground adventure!  The Mega Cavern offers either  Ziplining or Mountain/BMX biking.  Both activities take 2-3 hours.  Attendees will have the option of Ziplining (about a two hour course) or bmx/singletrack bike riding (about three hours cooks most guys legs).  Costs are $65 for Zipline and $30 for biking.  For those who don't have a bike, they are available for rental.  Boys can pack lunches.  We'll be back before dinner. 

For more info on the Mega Cavern, click here:  

Sign-up HERE Today!

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Introduction to Troop Leadership Skills (ILST) - Weekend Retreat
to Mar 4

Introduction to Troop Leadership Skills (ILST) - Weekend Retreat

Sign-up by clicking Here: 

The badge of office presented to a Boy Scout who is accepting a position of troop
leadership does not automatically make him a good leader.

The purpose of the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops course is to teach Scouts with leadership positions about their new roles and how to most effectively reach success in that role. It is intended to help Boy Scouts in leadership positions within their troop understand their responsibilities and to equip them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops is the first course in the series of leadership training offered to Boy Scouts and is a replacement for Troop Leadership Training.

Completion of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops is a prerequisite for Boy Scouts to participate in the more advanced leadership courses National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) and the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE). It is also required to participate in a Kodiak Challenge Trek.

Leadership in Boy Scouting Leadership is a vital part of the Scouting program. Boy Scouts in positions of leadership run the troop. They take care of the many tasks necessary for troop and patrol meetings and activities to run smoothly. By accepting the responsibilities of troop leadership, Scouts are preparing themselves to be leaders throughout their lives.
Opportunities to develop leadership skills are every bit as important, if not more important, to Boy Scouts and to Scouting in general as any recognition or advancement program.

Scouting offers young people a rich and varied arena in which to learn and use leadership skills. It is also a way to keep Boy Scouts interested and involved—keep them busy, organized, and trained, and give them opportunities to lead.

Among the activities encountered by a troop’s leaders are:
•     Organizing the troop
•     Planning and organizing activities and meetings
•     Assigning duties to others
•     Planning menus and figuring out food costs
•     Encouraging advancement
•     Guiding a troop’s involvement in problem-solving
•     Teaching outdoor, sports, or craft skills
•     Ensuring the troop’s safety during meetings and outings
•     Handling the troop’s finances
•     Helping other Boy Scouts make the most of their own leadership opportunities
•     Encouraging participation

As part of the Youth Training Continuum, Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops provides the core unit-level leadership skills every Scout leader should know. 

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Souls4Soles "Good Turn" Service Project
to Feb 11

Souls4Soles "Good Turn" Service Project

Community Service Opportunity

Please bring any new or gently used shoes you may want to donate,
to the church between 1/28-2/11/18.

HPCUMC Pack 113 & Troop 114 will be partnering with the Dan Beard Council, through the international organization Soles4Souls, to participate in this community-wide "Good-Turn" service project. 

We will work with the church to promote this effort within its community and then collect and deliver the shoes to a drop-off point on Sunday, 2/11.

To learn more about Soles4Souls:

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Troop Fundraiser-Car Wash
11:30 AM11:30

Troop Fundraiser-Car Wash

Car Wash Fund Raiser

We will be raising money to fund Troop outings and equipment with our annual car wash at the O'Reilly's on Ridge Road. Please sign up Scouts/Adults for a shift, either 11:30-2:00 or 2:00-4:30.  This  event is a great, quick way to help fund our activities.

PS: This counts as service hours towards advancement!

Date: 08/27/2017 (Sun.)

Time: 11:30am - 4:30pm EDT

Location: O'Reilly's Auto Parts, 4630 Ridge Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

Sign-up details can be found here.

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